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UTS St. George Sparks has a vision of providing elite athletes with the best sporting and educational opportunities available. The Sparks are a young, passionate, forward thinking and professional association that is not only focused on being successful on court but also to develop well rounded and successful people off court.

Head Office Address UTS Building 4; 745 Harris St. Broadway NSW 2007
Contact Telephone 0410 579 692
Contact Email Address utsstgeorgesparks@gmail.com
Colours Teal, White, Red
Partners UTS Sport
Randwick Netball Association
St George District Netball Association
Website utssparksnetball.com.au
Facebook /utssparks



TEAM LIST: (L-R) Belynda Loveday, Tayla Fraser, Jordan Bedingfield (D/R), Natalie Eldridge, Olivia Rowntree, Kara Styles, Nicole Styles, Laura Towell, Olivia Lennon, Amy Parmenter, Claire O’Brien. Absent: Kaitlyn Bryce, Kristina Brice, Beryl FridayHead Coach: Moira Gaha, Assistant Coach: Steven Philpot, Manager: Rachael Simmons.

Under 20s 

TEAM LIST (L-R): Kaitlyn Fisher, Georgia Westwood, Angela Cloeraine, Paige Pirotta, Matilda McDonell, Madeline Eaton, Ashleigh Selwyn, Te-arn Bradley, Tarsha Hawley, Caitlin Campbell, Tahisha Hunt. Absent: Mikaela Donovan. Head Coach: Regan Tweddle, Assistant Coach: Anne Eldridge, Manager: Lisa McCrohon.